Friday, July 1, 2016

Formative Assessment Toolbox: Quizizz

Formative assessments are easy to do with the many digital tools available. One great tool for your formative assessment toolbox is a new website, Quizizz. You may have read my post on Kahoot!, a game-based formative response system. Quizizz is a similar tool, but with several differences. Quizizz is web-based so it can be used on any internet connected device, whether it's a desktop computer or mobile device.
  1. Teachers create a free account at
  2. Create your first quiz by clicking the Create button. You'll first be prompted to name your quiz and include a cover image. Quizzes can be created from scratch or imported from an csv formatted file. This is a great way to bring in quizzes teachers may have created with other tools.

  1. This is where you enter your questions. There are some basic text formatting options, including the ability to insert symbols such as fractions, math, Greek, Latin, and currency. You can also include an image for your question.
  2. Set the time for the question. The default is 30 seconds, but there are options from 5 seconds to 15 minutes.
  3. You can add up to 4 possible answers. Don't forget to set the correct answer!
  4. A live preview of the question appears on the right side. Students will see the answer choices on their device. Answers will be in a random order for each student.
  5. Teachers can search for and include questions from public quizzes.
  6. Click New Question to create a new blank question.
  7. Click Finish when you are done.
  8. Specify the grade level and subject area for the quiz.
Quizzes can then be played immediately or assigned as homework. If the homework option is chosen, teachers can set the day and time (up to two weeks) the quiz must be completed by. These homework quizzes can be shared directly with Google Classroom too!

Regardless of which option is used, there are several settings teachers can use to customize the game play.

To take the quiz, students go to and enter the game code for that quiz. It's that easy!
Try out Quizizz and let me know what you think. Was it easy for you to create and assign quizzes? What did your students think of the game play?

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