Monday, May 18, 2015

Formative Assessment Toolbox: Kahoot

Kahoot is a free game-based formative response system. The teacher displays the questions on a screen and students answer them through any web browser on any device (tablet, smartphone, laptop). It is highly engaging and provides immediate feedback to students and formative assessment data for teachers.

Kahoot is a free web based app. Teachers and students create accounts at There is no mobile app, but it is optimized for mobile devices. Shortcuts can be created on your device’s home screen. Use to create Kahoots, and to join and play a game.

How It Works

  1. Teachers create a free account at
  2.  Choose which type of Kahoot to create.

  1.  Type in a name for the Kahoot and click Go.

  1.  Type in the question in the Question box. 
  2.  Choose whether to include points and enter a time limit for the question.
  3. Add an image or video. Both are optional.
  4. Enter the answers and click the Incorrect button to toggle on the right answer.
  5. On the Settings tab choose a language, privacy settings, and an audience.  Public means others on the web can find and use your Kahoot.  Private means only you and those you share with, can use the Kahoot.
  6. Add a cover image, (optional).
  7. To launch the Kahoot, click Play next to it. There are a few settings that can be configured at launch.
  8. Students go to, enter the Game-pin, create a nickname, and wait for the instructor to start the game.

Integration Ideas

  • Identify images.
  • Vocabulary practice.
  • Reading comprehension - after reading a story or article, assess how much students remembered.
  • Introduce a new concept or topic.
  • Connect with another classroom and use a screen sharing app such as Skype to play a game of Kahoot.
  • Create a poll to survey class interest on a topic.
  • Have students create their own Kahoot account and create a Kahoot for a project they are working on.


You can find out more about Kahoot by reading the Getting Started Guide or by downloading my Technology Integration Challenge for Kahoot.

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