Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cool and useful website: Bookopolis

Educators know that the more students read the better readers they become. In most classrooms students are asked to read every night. There are many different ways students can record their daily reading. Bookopolis is a website teachers can use to have students record books they are reading and discover new ones. They can see what their classmates are reading, read book reviews by other students, and share what books they are interested in reading.


Registration is completely free. All users go to the website to create their account. Teachers can create an account using their email address or sign in using Google. If they use Google Classroom, Bookopolis will import their Classrooms and student rosters automatically. Student accounts can also be created manually with the teacher creating the username and passwords.

After classes and student accounts have been created, the teacher goes to My Dashboard to manage accounts and see what students are doing. The teacher can click on a student name to see their "world". The world view shows the student's books, badges, and recommend books.


To manage books, users click on My World. Students can search for books and add them to one of three shelves: Reading it Now, I Read It, and I Want to Read It. When choose books students can see ratings from other students as well as read reviews. These ratings and reviews are not limited to just students within their class.

Rate and Review

Once a book has been read students can share their rating, leave a review, and recommend it to their friends. Each of the following four screens is available to students. 

It's this socialization and sharing that makes sites like Bookopolis appealing to students and teachers alike. Students can see what their friends are reading and discover new books based on their interests and what they've read in the past. This socialization, sharing, and discovery with peers encourages students to try new books and read more.

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