Friday, July 1, 2016

Writing math equations on Blogger

Yes, you math teachers have some unique writing requirements! You have unique symbols, need superscript and subscript letters and numbers, and other precise ways ways of writing out information. I am no mathematician, but I feel your frustration when it comes to writing out these equations in Blogger.

Fortunately there are many mathematicians on the internet that also blog and have found solutions to this problem.

In order to write superscript and subscript letters, you have to jump to the HTML side and add in some codes there. It's not that complicated, but in my opinion it would be much easier if there were a button to do it for you. Some other blogs (Wordpress) apparently have this functionality. If you are not afraid of a little HTML and just need the superscript and subscript letters, jump over to for a quick tutorial.

If you also have to do those other fancy math equations with brackets, fractions, and all sorts of other formatting, there is another way to do that as well. This is a little more complicated as it involves installing a script on your blog. There is a computer programming language out there called LaTeX that allows you to write out math equations in plain text and have it appear properly on your blog. Directions are at (scroll towards the bottom).

If you know of a better/easier way to write math equations on Blogger, please let me know in the comments below. I'd also like to know how it can be done with Edublogs and KidBlog.

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