Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kidblog: Archiving classes

It's the end of the school year and time to clean up your class blogs! If you use Kidblog, the process is very easy. If you want to stop activity on your blog then you need to either archive or delete the classes.

Archiving your class blog is a process that lets you stop any activity on your blog and "freeze" it in place. Students will not be able to post or comment any more. When you archive the blog, the data is still visible to the world, but there cannot be any activity on it. Archiving is preferred to deleting the blog because students and teachers can still refer back to the posts. This is a great way for students to maintain a digital portfolio. Plus, teachers now have a successful blog to show future classes how it's done.

If you are on the old version of Kidblog, go to the Control Panel, select My Classes, and click the Archive link next to the class you want to archive.

If you are on the new version of Kidblog (version 4), click your name in the upper left hand corner and select Dashboard. You'll see a list of all your class blogs.

Find the class you want and select More and then Archive. Once it's archived the panel will turn yellow and it will indicate Archived underneath the blog name. Classes can be permanently deleted by clicking More and selected Delete.

If you delete a class blog, all the data will be gone and students will no longer be able to show their posts in a portfolio or have any access to the data.

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