Friday, November 21, 2014

Edmodo Part 13: Notifications and Filters

This post is the next in a series of posts to help schools and teachers that I work with get started with Edmodo.

After posting assignments, quizzes and Snapshots to your Edmodo groups, it would be nice to have notifications letting you know about new posts or work that has been turned in. Edmodo has a helpful Notification icon that gives you a visual reminder of recent activity.

A number will appear on the icon indicating how many notifications you have. The types of notifications depend on whether you are signed in as a student or teacher, but generally you will be notified about replies, assignments, quizzes, Snapshots, grades and badges.

  1. Click the Notification icon to see a list of notifications.
  2. Notifications in gray are new, unread notifications.
  3. Notifications in white are previously read. Click on any notification item to go directly to that post or to reply back. 
  4. Click View Categories to view only a certain type of notification.
  5. Hide or dismiss the notification by clicking on the X that appears to the right when you hover over the notification.

You can find more detailed instructions on using Notifications in the Edmodo help files

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