Sunday, November 2, 2014

Awesome iPad App: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a free presentation app for iPad that puts the fun back into presentations. Haiku Deck is highly visual, relying on high quality graphics for background images and limiting the amount of text displayed on a slide. That is one of the biggest reasons I like it - because of the limited text, students must really know their material when presenting their deck.

Haiku Deck projects are uploaded to their website and can be shared from the web or from the iPad. Because users need an email address to create the account, I recommend teachers in lower grades create a class account that everyone saves to. Haiku Decks can also be created right on their website, so no iPad needed!

Check out this 30 second overview of Haiku Deck.

Launch Haiku Deck and tap the + button to create a new deck. You’ll be prompted to enter a title for your deck. This is a good place to type in your name as the author as well.

  1. Pull down the Theme tab to select a different theme.
  2. Text tab: choose text layout and enter the text for each slide.
  3. Image tab: search for a background image. All images are high quality and creative commons licensed. You can insert your own images or choose to enter a bar or pie graph.
  4. Layout tab: change the layout position of the elements on your slide.
  5. Notes tab: add public notes to include more detail and links to other resources. These are available alongside each slide when shared online.
  6. Slide sorter: add and rearrange more slides.
  7. Preview your presentation
  8. Tag your presentation and share it.

Text tab: choose a layout or list type for your text
Image tab: search for high quality images or choose a type of graph
Layout tab: choose a position and layout for the text
Notes tab: type presentation notes

All decks created on the iPad and online are automatically synced across devices (iPads and web). You can present right from the web or connect your iPad to a projector.

Integration Ideas

  • Tell a story in pictures.
  • Create a sensory poem.
  • Present research information.
  • Illustrate figurative language.
  • Produce a word study using images.
  • Use images to explore the concepts of big and little, etc.
  • Create vocabulary building flash cards on any concept.
  • Do a character study for a book the class is reading.
  • P.E. teachers can demonstrate athletic positions.

Download the Tech Integration Challenge for Haiku Deck and see if you are up to the challenge!

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