Saturday, November 1, 2014

Awesome iPad App: Skitch

Skitch is an app for iPads or desktop that lets you quickly annotate pictures, maps, and webpages using arrows, text, and shapes. Using markup you can focus on what’s important. Annotated images can then be shared out to others or used in other apps. It's a free app available from iTunes or Google Play stores. It can also be downloaded as a desktop app from

Skitch can be used to mark up a variety of images. The tools across the bottom of the screen allow you to choose pictures, use the iPad camera, capture a web page, map, or PDF. You even have the option to free draw on a blank canvas.

Once you are in your picture, tap the tool icon in the bottom right corner. You have a variety of tools that you can use to annotate. Tap each tool to see it’s options.

Pixelate is used to blur out areas of a picture, such as a face.

The stamp tool allows you to add text to the stamp as well.

Once you have selected your tool, tap anywhere on the screen to start using it.

Tap the color dot in the bottom left corner to select the color and stroke size for text, arrows, and shapes.

The top of the screen also gives you options for cropping and resizing photos as well as a few other editing options.

Once your project is complete you can save it to your camera roll to share with other users or apps. If you want to be able to edit the photo later, be sure to save a copy in Skitch.

Integration Ideas

  • Take pictures around the classroom and identify shapes or angles.
  • Label the parts of an insect, plant, simple machine, or musical instrument.
  • Identify elements of a text.
  • Show important battles from the Civil War on a map.
  • Identify elements or characteristics of a shape or object.
  • Teach foreign language words and concepts by labeling pictures.
  • Students take pictures of their own artwork and label the parts they liked and the parts they would do differently.
  • Use a photo of a scenic area and label it with descriptive words, phrases, or sentences.
Download the Tech Integration Challenge for Skitch and see if you are up to the challenge!

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