Friday, March 18, 2016

Batch-create QR codes with Google Sheets

In some situations you might need to create a bunch of QR codes at once. Perhaps you are generating a series of codes from audio files for a rhyming activity or creating codes for audiobooks for your listening center. Creating a lot of codes manually can become a chore. Luckily, Google Sheets has an easy to use formula that lets you create those codes automatically.
  1. Log into your Google account and create a new spreadsheet.
  2. Label column A Information. This is where you will put the URL or text for your QR code.
  3. Label column B QR Code. After entering the formula from step 6, the QR code will appear in this column.
  4. Resize the columns and rows so they are approximately 200 pixels by 200 pixels. You want them big enough to be hold the QR code, which will be 150x150.
  5. Copy and paste this formula into cell B2 and hit enter:
  1. A QR code will appear in the cell.
  2. Click the tiny blue square in the bottom-right corner of the cell and drag down to fill the formula in that column. QR codes should appear for all the information you filled in each row. If you didn’t fill in each row and you see QR codes then you can go back and put in information and those QR codes will change to add the new information.
Your spreadsheet should look something like this:

Print them out, cut them up and place where you want them in your classroom. Or copy the images and embed them into a document for activities or directions for your students.

Here is a link to a sample spreadsheet I used to create the codes above. You can use it to see how the formula works.

I would love to here how you have used QR codes in the classroom. Tell me about them in the comment section.

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