Friday, March 18, 2016

Audio QR codes

While using QR codes is a great way to share information with students and parents, hearing their teacher's voice makes students even more excited about engaging with the content! Since teachers can't be with every student every moment of class time, use QR codes makes it seem like there are multiple copies of the teacher in the room!

Online voice recorders
This website is probably one of the simplest and easiest to use online voice recorders. You get a one button recorder and it immediately saves your audio.

Be careful, though! You don't get a countdown to warn you when to start recording. As soon as you click the button you are recording! When you are done you can preview your audio and record again if needed. When you are happy with the audio, save the audio. You could download the audio file, but you also have the option to get a QR code that goes directly to it!
This is another free and simple online voice recorder. Simply push the button to record your voice.

It's advantage is that once you are done recording, you can also trim your audio.

When everything is just like you want, click the Save button and download the audio file as an mp3 file. This file will then need to be uploaded to a cloud service where you can share the URL with it. That process is described below.
This website will take your written text and translate it into audio using a QR code. Enter a message up to 100 characters and click the QR code icon. The QR code will appear on the screen, which you can then download to your computer. The QR code links out to Google Translate and reads the text as audio.

Mobile Device

I'm not familiar with Android devices, but on iPhones you can use the built in Voice Memo app. iPads don't come with this app, but there are plenty of options out there like Voice Recorder by TapMedia. Regardless of which app you end up using, once your voice recording is done, tap the share icon and save it to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

With these cloud services you can then get a share link to the audio file. Copy and paste that share URL into an online QR code generator like Save the QR code to your computer and its ready to print out or embed in a document!

Keith Ferrel has a great YouTube video showing how to integrate audio QR codes and Google Docs.

Also check out Tony Vincent's post Clone Yourself with QR Codes for some other great tips on recording audio and video for QR codes.

Integration Ideas

Math problems with audio QR codes for the answers
Rhyming words - teacher reads two words and the student records if they rhyme or not
Verbal directions for center, lab, or activity

What are some other ways you can think of to use audio QR codes?


  1. Thank you for the information about QR Audio codes. I work with students who frequently may be ahead of other students. QR Audio codes would be a great way to develop and explain enrichment or extension projects. I wonder if you know of anyone doing this for this purpose?

    1. I've only worked with a 2nd grade class who is using QR codes in her centers - specifically with vocabulary words and activities. I can see a lot of possibilities though. It's a great way to provide enrichment to any activity.