Thursday, October 22, 2015

Search YouTube like a boss!

With over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube is a rich source of video any teacher can use in their classroom. Subtract all the cat videos and you've still got a sizeable chunk of video to sift through to find the perfect one for your class. Luckily, YouTube provides some search filters to help you narrow down those search results.

Playlists and channels are great ways to curate videos and put them in manageable lists. These lists can be shared with students so they aren't overwhelmed by all the choices either. But you still have to populate those playlists and find those channels. Here's an easy way to find the perfect high quality video for your lessons.

After entering your search term in the YouTube search bar, click on the Filter drop down menu. It's located right underneath the search bar. You can choose to see only HD quality videos or those shot in 3D. Searching by Short will help you find videos of the perfect length for your students. Searching by the date will help you find the most current ones.

You can even save yourself a few clicks by including any of those filters in your search terms. For example, add a ", HD" to find only HD videos.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Using these little tricks, you'll soon be finding your perfect video like a boss!

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  1. I agree. YouTube is a great tool for the classroom and I wish in my classroom it had been unblocked on my teacher computer. To show short video clips on YouTube, I used my personal IPad and connected it for projection to the class. If I didn't have to use my own Gigabytes, I would have used short clips relating to foreign language more often. My students loved seeing video clips on cooking, pronunciation, and songs such as the French National Anthem. SchoolTube was a fun resource as well, limited videos but not blocked by the school.