Monday, December 8, 2014

Educreations: adding students

I've talked about Educreations before and I love it for students to demonstrate their learning and understanding of pretty much any concept. Because students must narrate what is happening on screen, it's easy for the teacher to understand what they are thinking.

One of the features I also love about Educreations is the classroom management. Teachers can create multiple classes with any number of students in them. Creating student accounts and enrolling them in your classes is a snap. When a teacher wants to review student projects, its super easy because all of the projects are in one location.

Another advantage to setting up classes is that the teacher can create a video lesson and assign it to the class to watch. This is a great way to deliver content to your students.

Here are the steps of setting up classes using an iPad. The process is similar on the website.

  1. From the lessons screen tap on the My Classes icon.
  2. Tap the + symbol.
  3. Fill in the information about your class and tap Save.

  1. Tap on your class name and you'll see a class code. This is the code students will enter when they create their accounts. They can create their account either by tapping the gear icon or they will be prompted to create an account when they save their first project.
  2. Another advantage to creating classes is that you can assign specific video lessons to that class. In your class screen tap the + button at the top and either create a new lesson or select an already saved lesson. Students will then see this lesson when they log in to their account.

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