Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Edmodo Part 3: Quizzes

This post is the next in a series of posts to help schools and teachers that I work with get started with Edmodo.

In the previous post in this series on Edmodo I explained how to post assignments that can be graded and used for assessments. Another type of assessment Edmodo supports are quizzes. Quizzes are just as easy to create as assignments, but are excellent ways of assessing mastery of lessons. Quizzes can be multiple choice, true/false, short answer, fill in the blank, or matching. These directions will walk you through creating a quiz and posting it to your group.

Select the Quiz tab and click the Create a Quiz button.

  1. Create a title for your quiz.
  2. Click the Add First Question button.

  1. Select a question type and type the first question.
  2. Fill in the answers and mark the correct one.
  3. Click the + button to add more questions.
  4. Decide if you'd like randomize the questions for each student. Show Results lets students see their results immediately after completing the quiz.
  5. Click Assign Quiz

  1. Select a due date and check if you want it added to your Edmodo grade book.
  2. Enter a group to post to, schedule it if you want, and click Send.
When students log in to their Edmodo account, they then see a Quiz post and click the Take Quiz button. Once they quiz is completed they add a reaction and click Submit.

Grading Quizzes

After students complete the quiz, go to the Quiz post and you'll see a Turned In button. This will take you to a Quiz Overview page. Multiple choice and true/false quizzes will already be graded and entered into the Edmodo grade book. You can click on a student's name to grade short answer questions and to leave comments on any student's quiz.

You can find more detailed instructions on quizzes, including sharing and printing, in the Edmodo help files

Are you ready to try out Edmodo quizzes? Download the Edmodo Quiz Technology Integration Challenge and see what you can do!

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