Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cool and useful website: Bingo Baker

I came across this cool website discussed in a blog that I follow. I immediately saw how useful it would be in the classroom. Bingo Baker is a website you can use to create bingo cards on any subject. The cards can be randomized, printed as a pdf or played on an iPad.

Check out the Snapguide below to see how easy it is to setup.

Here's a few suggested ways of using this in the classroom:
  • Kindergarten teachers can help students learn the sounds that correspond to the letters of the alphabet. Place the single letters on the bingo card, then call out the letter sounds or say a short word and have students identify the beginning sound.
  • Any subject or grade level can use it for vocabulary practice. Put the vocabulary words on the card and the teacher reads out the definition.
  • In math you can place answers to math problems (basic facts, fractions, rounding, etc) on the board and the teacher reads out the problem.
  • Use it to reinforce facts from your content area. Place the "facts" on the chart and the teacher calls out a statement with that fact as the answer. For example, "How many planets are in the solar system?".
What other ways can you think of to use bingo in your classroom?

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