Monday, April 27, 2015

Why have students blog?

Student blogging is one of my favorite activities to get students writing. When I had the opportunity to present at the Clark County School District's 21st Century Skills Mini Conference held at Sawyer MS I jumped at the chance to show teachers about blogging. I used the presentation to share my reasons for having students blog and helped teachers get started with the Kidblog platform.

My Haiku Deck presentation for the session is embedded below. Click the link to see presenter notes. The tutorial for Kidblog can be found here in PDF format.

Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

This year I have been working with a teacher in 2nd grade to help her students write more. We decided to introduce blogging to the students. I am constantly amazed at the voice students are given through this opportunity.

If you have not tried blogging with your students, I highly recommend looking through the presentation and checking out these posts.


  1. How do you and the classroom teacher inspire the 2nd graders to blog freely? I can't get myself past providing a prompt for the students.

  2. That's a good place to start. I think students at this age need some guidance and modeling like that. The 2nd grade teacher I'm working with did that at first. She posted a question related to a book the class was reading in class, asking the students to share a similar experience as the book character. But now she just tells the students they have to post at least once a week. These are my favorite posts to read because you see the student's personalities come out. You can see what is important in their lives at that particular point.