Friday, April 4, 2014

Join the testing conversation

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It's that time of year! I got the letter from my son's school to make sure he got enough sleep, ate a healthy breakfast, and came prepared for....not learning, but testing! Schools all across the nation have stopped any learning that they were supposed to be doing and started those standardized tests that are so important for some reason.

Students in my school where I teach haven't yet started taking the CRTs - that will happen after their return from Spring Break. They are going through CRT preparations though (even though we are not supposed to teach to the test). At my son's elementary school they started the CRTs this week. Some states are piloting the SBAC, others the PARCC, and others are using state created assessments.

Whatever your role in education (parent, teacher, etc) or whatever your opinion is about standardized tests (I'm completely opposed), your opinion and experience about them should be heard. 

Enter the newly created Testing Talk website. It was created by a committee of experts from various fields in education. Right up front the homepage spells out the site's mission:
This site provides a space for you to share your observations of standardized tests your students are taking this year. What works? What doesn't? Whether your district is giving its own, CC aligned test or is piloting PARCC or Smarter Balanced, we want to pass the microphone to you, the people closest to the students being tested. The world needs to hear your stories, insights, and suggestions. Our goal is collective accountability and responsiveness through a national, online conversation.
Your opinions can be completely anonymous, but still provide important feedback about these tests. Don't just complain and criticize the tests. Offer authentic experiences about what the tests and questions are like, how the students are responding to the tests, and the affect they have on your instruction. 

Take the time and be a part of the conversation! And spread the word so others can join the conversation as well.

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